I ended up giving up on that blonde streak and decided to use a "natural" permanent dye to return to my roots. Black hair it is.

My natural hair color is a mix of faded black and a random spectrum of brown hair. I love rich uniform black hair and have died it for sometime to avoid my naturally ashy brown hair (and hide lint).

I have a huge issue with fading black hair color, so I'll see if this brand is a bit better and I will try the following:
  • Avoiding hot water, which opens the cuticle and encourages the fading of hair color.
  • The occasional protein treatment (working on my own recipe).
  • Hair masks to offset the drying nature of hair coloring (working on my own version that does not encourage buildup).

(Side note: This experience with hair color and after reading some articles, I have decided to ease off  of the hair coloring for a while)