What are Sisterlocks?
Sisterlocks™ is a trademarked system of hair locking developed by Professor Cornwall in San Diego. Once a hair texture specific locking pattern is chosen, the locks are made with a crocheting tool.

Do I have to cut my relaxer off in order to get my hair done in Sisterlocks?
You don't have to cut off your relaxer in order to start them. All you need is 1½ inches of new growth at the scalp to start the locks. Then you can trim the relaxed ends gradually over time as your natural locks grow in.

Are Sisterlocks permanent?
Sisterlocks are true "locks." This means that they are not meant to be undone. Technically, they can be taken out, but that means  getting a small, needle-shaped object and gently undoing each of the 450-plus locks from the tip right down to the roots!

For more information visit the official web page: www.sisterlocks.com