Wednesday, July 30

Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day!

I am finally getting around to re-tightening my locs. I have yet to even try to find a new stylist in Southern California (nor did I even try to go to that big Sisterlocks gathering).

For some reason I am only inspired to re-ti during awkward moments (like the middle of Women's bible study), at least more than half of my locs are redone!

Still using the nappyloc tool and those fabric store needles since they really get the job done for $1!

I have skin care updates and product recommendations pending so look out for those in days to come!

Monday, July 28

Point Your Toes

Every weekend I take my daughter to her TOT ballet class. I didn't have the kind of childhood that included these little luxuries, the opportunity to develop a talent on my parent's dime. In the midst of my many pursuits, I want to make sure I fuel my own children's creativity and success.

I don't know if my daughter will continue dance in the years to come, but in these little moments I can see glimpses of her growing into the woman she will become.

Where did my baby go?

Where Did My Baby Go? from Samantha Sophia on Vimeo.

Friday, July 25

Tayarisha Poe's Photography

There is beautiful quality about Tayarisha Poe's photographs, she has the uncanny ability to capture quiet and familiar moments in a way that makes them extraordinary and striking.

Thursday, July 24

Giveaway: 31Bits Jewelry

It's my birthday month and since I do believe that it is better to give than receive, I have another giveaway:

2 Bracelets and a Choker from 31 Bits!

Saturday, July 19

Thursday, July 17

The final day of your 20's

*Rolled over this morning and faced husband*
Husband: How does it feel?
Wife: How does what feel?
Husband: To wake up on the final day of your 20's?
Wife: REALLY? (Thinks: REALLY you stupid jerk, then immediately asks Jesus for forgiveness)
Husband: (Smiles) I mean that as a compliment!
Wife: A compliment, by reminding me of the END...
Husband: The END of what?
You are more beautiful than ever!
Your skin is perfect!
You've grown so much since we started dating freshmen year!
We're married, you birthed our children, and you put the word aging to shame!
Wife: OH! You still shouldn't have started with reminding me it is the last day of my 20's...

TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY, but today I celebrate the end of a decade by going to work make-up free and wearing my best smile and my fiercest wedges! Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 16

(Ended) Giveaway: Ruche Shift Dress

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a birthday part for Ruche, an online boutique with a vintage inspired touch. Their 6th birthday party was filled with decorative whimsy, delish treats, and fabulous fashion for a steal.

So to celebrate my birthday month, I have also decided to giveaway one of the dresses I picked up during their birthday party:

Tuesday, July 15

Do you like you?

Take your make-up off
Let your hair down
Take a breath
Look into the mirror, at yourself
Don't you like you?
Cause I like you

Thursday, July 10

Friday, July 4

4th of July Hair

Happy Independence Day Loves! Here is a little hair inspiration for the holiday:

Classic Pigtails

Large twists

A chic up-do
and this one

Monday, June 30

I Woke Up Like This!

When I post a photo captioned,"I woke up like this!"

I literally mean it:

-Natural Hair
-No Makeup
-Bath the night before
-No Filter

Thursday, June 26

Life Updates

Hello my lovlies, my life is pretty busy at the moment with additional work and volunteer projects, but I wanted to check in...

and share a few snap shots my little life!

Wednesday, June 25

Harmful Deodorant and Body Odor Free

Last week, an article titled Armpit Cleanse caught my attention on Mamavation. I have given up traditional deodorant for “natural deodorant” on more than one occasion but the struggle with armpit odor was insurmountable.

I’m a professional. I work in an open space office environment and I don’t want to be labeled the chick with B.O. That really happens to folks. Corporate professionals can be vicious with their jokes.

I’ve read tons of articles on the harmful possibilities of traditional deodorant and I have witnessed it first hand. Both my sister and girl friend developed vicious repugnant cysts beneath their pits that would only go away with surgery or the discontinuance of main stream deodorant. But my well intentioned goal of freeing myself from the allergens, endocrine  disruptors and various carcinogens that are linked to many of the traditional deodorant ingredients has been met with little personal success because of my fear of B.O.

Thursday, May 29

Hair Inspiration: Braidlocks by Bun & Cheese

Abby's braidlocks are a great and affordable alternative to sisterlocks. Love them!

This is most likely how my sister will start her micro-lock journey.

Check out her Tumblr blog, you're welcome!

#TBT Sisterlocks

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