The woman that started my sisterlocks is a master braider in addition to a sisterlock consultant and has a booming and booked solid for weeks business.  Because of the aforementioned scenario coupled with a canceled early November appointment, I had an emergency visit to another consultant in order to have extremely well groomed hair for a series of business meetings that I had scheduled for early December.  Much to my dismay, I discovered via this new consultant that my much adored SL consultant may have been jacking up my locks. She kindly informed me that:
  1. I should not be loosing as many locks as I have at my edges
  2. That some of my locks at my perimeter were much too small or thinning
  3. That my parts were loosing their patented SL uniformity
  4. That I was using too many products too soon and should have been getting more guidance
  5. That my hair was a combination of pattern 3 and pattern 4
  6. That she could repair my locks if they were to pop or fall out
That she has had other clients from my first consultant that has had all the issues that I am experiencing, including herself. I was mortified to discover my locks were in such poor shape. I did have some fears about my original consultant because she has such a dramatically receding hair line but I thought that maybe she had a pre-sisterlocking condition. This new consultant has such healthy hair and has been doing SL's for over a decade. I am optimistic going forward about my hair! I WILL NOT LOOSE MY HAIR LINE!