Thank goodness, I finally re-tightened my 10-month old sisterlocks this week! Simply stating that I was way past due for a re-tightening is an understatement.

My consultant was disturbed by the status of my locs when she did her initial inspection. My last visit was in the beginning of February and at that point only the front end was re-tightened due to time constraints! 

I received a hardcore warning that if I continued on this path that I would loose my locks! Sisterlocks need to maintained on a regular basis (4-6 weeks) and when they are not, breakage occurs. I tried on many occasions to get a follow-up appointment but my 9-6 Monday-Friday schedule is not consultant friendly. It was literally not until I quit my job (for unrelated reasons) that I was able to have my sisterlocks re-tightened. I need to learn how to re-tighten my sisterlocks myself ASAP!

I loved the way my locks look two weeks after a re-tightening when there is not as much scalp showing. I lost quite a few locks in the front because they were hanging on my just a few strands but I was able to start a few newbies.
I am excited about my progression from this point. I have learned from the mistakes of the past couple of weeks and I plan on trying more things with my natural hair and being more outgoing with styling and possibly coloring.