I am 25 weeks pregnant with a 15-month-old daughter, 11-month-old sisterlocks, 3-year-old natural hair (though I've been natural off and on for 8 years), and a 26-year-old sense of fashion.

My hair is not perfect but doing great, mostly because I have a laid back approach to my hair:
  • Either a product works for my hair or it does not
  • Either a product is natural or I don't use it
  • I'm waiting for my locks to mature before I go crazy styling
  • I love my hair as is and I will not try to make it something it is not or like someone else's
My pregnancy is going well and I am trying to maintain focus in the midst of chaos:
  • I will not force a move we are not financially or psychologically prepared for
  • I will try not take out my bad moods on my husband but vent them through prayer and meditation
  • I will not allow worry to dictate my actions nor will I allow negativity to penetrate my thoughts and emotions
  • I will appreciate and acknowledge my husbands kindness and efforts to please and encourage me
  • I will manage being a mother to two youngsters while being a fabulous me well!
The temptation to give up on maintaining the most put together you while pregnant is strong. But I have opted to:
  • Be a reasonable budget fashionista.
  • Be reflect my inner beauty outwardly
  • To find interesting spins on "maternity wear"
  • To take extra care of my skin and hair
I want to be the wife, mother, worker, and spiritual being that my husband and children can take pride in and inspiration from.