Because I missed two appointments with my regular consultant, I decided to try some others in my area with just plain disappointing experiences just trying to schedule an appointment. UGH Now I am 6 weeks past due!

My Biggest pet peeves with SOME sisterlock consultants is that they treat you like they are doing you a FAVOR. Not that you are paying them anywhere from $25-75 per hour for a re-tightening. Some don't return phone calls timely if at all, so many only have availability that conflicts with most working hours. More often than not, I am competing with a dozen other corporate chicks for a Saturday spot. And some are just plain unprofessional. I am not overly serious about my hair but some folks just don't take their side or main gigs so seriously.

That is why I am taking the next sisterlock training class. I need the freedom to start new locs in my hair and other's hair when necessary!