A vast majority of sisterlock "consultants" suck! I need to say it. Very few of them , very few care about healthy hair care and even fewer EARN their hourly wage. Let's consider this, there are people with PhD's, teachers, missionaries, Pastors, emergency workers and health care professionals that do not make the 35, 45, 55 dollars an hour that these individuals want to secretly re-ti your hair.

I believe in natural hair for a number of reason including the freedom that it is to control what is put into and what is done with my hair. I went natural because I love who I am in my natural state. There are certain aspects of sisterlocks that is so stressful and frustrating.

Consultants are gouging, they are abusing the trademark and they are over charging for what you are getting in return. I will gladly pay a consultant her asking price, if I am receiving a product of equal quality. But some of these consultants want a rate of pay that, in my opinion, they have not earned.  Some are, quite frankly, delusional about their abilities. They have NOT earned it in quality. They have NOT earned it in expertise. They have NOT earned it in the way in which they deal with and educate their clients.

The end of my rant, I am sorry for this brief moment of ugliness. I am tired of getting the same emails and questions from other sisterlockers trying to overcome the "consultant" obstacle.