The weekend presents me with a little more time for body care:

Salt Scrub

Exfoliate to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and removes dead skin cells. I also give the locks a good deep cleanse.


I rarely shave but  I do I make sure to exfoliate regularly. My legs don't have much hair, but the heavy body butter required to off-set the climate of my new residence builds up very easy. The build up is quite obvious from the run off of my deep cleanse and exfoliate.

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I switched to natural deodorant for a while to avoid the heavy metals and other harmful ingredients in traditional deodorant. I have more than one friend who developed disturbing puss filled growths under their arms that could only be cured by switching from traditional deodorant. I use traditional deodorant lightly and occasionally during the work week and use the natural stuff the entire weekend!


(Guess how much I paid for it!)

 I love, love, love this face scrub with activated charcoal and is mostly organic! I love activated charcoal (I even have a salt with activated charcoal) it has a wide range of uses (medicinal and beauty) related to purification and the absorption of toxins.

I am so in love with this night cream! It is my first night cream purchase but finding this $16 prize on sale for $4, I had to try it!