I'm not one of those parents that try a million super awesome supper cute kid hair styles with intricate basket weaves and braiding. (More power to you if you do, and if you need inspiration visit here.)

 I just don't have time for that, and my daughter would rather I shave her head than sit through it. What I focus on is hair health; Sophie will rock a puff most days, with the occasional ballerina bun.

 My kids are free, heck they wear jeans to church (something I was raised to believe was a sin), and they are occasionally ashy!

I don't make my girl wear the itchy tulle filled Haitian church dresses similar to those of my sketch youth and I don't risk my girl's edges for a haute hair style. (I have a small spot that has NEVER grown back from tight braids, aka tension alopecia.)

Instead I:
  • Deep condition with a high quality products, usually Shea Moisture because it is free of industrial chemicals, or something I made myself after a trip to the natural food store. 
  • I use a natural leave-in like coconut oil. It's light, smells good, softens the cuticle, and locks in moisture.
  • I detangle while wet, either freshly after washing or spray with rosewater (FANCY, but distilled water with a dash of coconut oil will also do).
  • When I detangle, I always work from tip to root with a wide-tooth comb and hold the base to avoid pain or discomfort.
  • I air dry! There is something about air drying that seems to retain more moisture.
  • When I do braid, I use hair scrunches that discourage tangling and do larger and looser braids, more of a protective style.
That's it.

Condition. Detangle with care. Lock in moisture. Choose simple styles that are more often protective and avoid causing tension. 

These video capture some of what we do for my daughter. I had a fro for a number of years so I am well versed in the work that goes into washing, conditioning and detangling natural hair!

This video is the REAL TRUTH of what it takes to detangle a brown girl's hair, YOU'RE WELCOME!