Warning this post has a ridiculous number of retail selfies! ☺️

Next year I'm only giving gift cards and saving all of my energy for the post 25th sales! I have such short term memory where retail business is concerned otherwise I would have waited.

(Check out my shopping OOTD)

(I bought a shirt for $15 from Anthropologie, full retail price $118!)

The weekend after Christmas I decided to work toward my 45 lb weight-loss goal by walking around the mall. The one thing that struck me was the lighting in the dressing rooms! I could easily tell which retailers thoughtfully designed this space (Anthropologie) and which did not (Zara) and I have the selfies to prove it!

Anthropologie'a lighting made me look great!

I looked better even in the jeans and t-shirt I walked in with!

Banana Republic's lighting was okay but not as flattering as Anthropologie!

Zara was horrid! Think small narrow rectangular room with a curtain that still left you partly exposed to passers-by! The lighting left weird shadows and was psychological discouraging! However, their odd shadows made for great selfie fodder!

Ann Taylor's lighting was incredibly soothing! I felt at peace and unrushed as I carefully inspected each potential purchase!

Moral of the story is sometimes dressing room lighting is psychologically manipulating!On the bright side, Diring this round of (mostly window) shopping, I hit my step and calorie burn-age goal, and because I avoided the food court and opted for the veggie snacks in my purse, I was WAY under the net calories I could have consumed for the day! Great considering I was way over two days in a row!