I started to write an all encompassing post on tips for a clearer complexion – from diet to detoxing – but I realized that most of my friends that have intermittent battles with acne have one thing in common, a dirty face. So why focus on a million different remedies when this might be at the root of your problems.

Let me clarify that my definition of a dirty face may be slightly different from yours. The moment I touch my face with hands that haven’t been recently washed, my face becomes dirty. The second I sweat, dirt germs must be multiplying on my epidermis! Last but not least, the millisecond I add makeup, my pores aren’t breathing as freely as they were meant to be and I count my face as dirty!

More than one good friend has admitted to me that they periodically fall asleep with their makeup on. Gasp! As soon as I get home I use a makeup wipe to wipe away every bit of the day’s makeup. I have not, and hopefully never will fall asleep with makeup on!

I believe in a great cleanser – not one with a million hard to pronounce ingredients and fancy commercials. My current favorite cleanser has a handful of ingredients I could find in a grocery store, and works!
In general, a great cleanser not only cleans your skin, but also purifies your pores and removes  toxins, bacteria and other unwanted bits. I especially love cleansers with the following ingredients:
  • Aloe Vera – Kills bacteria and fungus 
  • Chamomile – Anti-inflammatory properties while protecting from sun damage and free radicals 
  • Tangerine Oil – Antiseptic, pore cleansers, skin regenerator, and skin soother 
  • Shea Butter – Moisturizer and skin regenerator
  • Jojoba – Anti-microbial that minimizes scars, reduces fine lines, and reduces skin irritation
Because acne and skin irritation can be caused by a variety of triggers (bacteria, environment, etc.), ingredient mix matters.

I believe in toner, ever since discovering it 3 years ago, I don’t go a week without doing it. Toners cleanse, hydrate and improve skin:
  • Balances pH – Makes skin less acidic, thus creating more vibrant and smoother skin
  • Detoxes – Removes both industrial and man-made toxins
  • Shrinks pores – Beyond aesthetics, large pores allow more dirt and toxins in, causing acne

Want clear skin, take off that makeup thoroughly everyday and treat your skin well!