A few weeks ago I realized my eyebrows were becoming ridiculously thin for a face as full as mine. Though I have my brows professionally threaded regularly, my at-home maintenance in between visits were the root cause of my rapidly thinning brows.

Though it was hard to exert self control, this is how I grew out my brows:

  • Stop threading, tweezing and waxing altogether for as long as needed, even if you start looking like a human-bear hybrid creature
  • Massage or exfoliate the area periodically to direct blood flow and stimulate faster growth
  • Used a brow brush to tame unruly hairs and create a more groomed look
  • Fill in patches with a brow pencil using short upward strokes (note your brow pencil color should be the color of your brows or slightly lighter)
  • Use a highlighter pencil or concealer to create a more manicured look and hide unruly hair
  • Work with a professional along the way so they can clean up areas that you definitely don't want to grow out, offer additional advice, and help you along the journey (especial if it takes a few months)
Great Brow Pencil

Though my brows look as though they've fully grown in, they haven't! I use an Anastasia Brow Pencil daily to fill in sparse areas. I'm working with a great brow professional and had them threaded, though only in certain areas, to give a cleaner look, but I'm still continuing the grow out process. I estimate another 2 months until they are they way I desire them. I want to reach "brow pencil optional" status!