Sorry guys, I have been missing in action. I have been super busy. Just returned from a long weekend in Boston and I always feel drained after flying from one coast to another. Better late that never, so here are some of my favorite selfies:

Though I do need to loose weight and maintain a healthier body weight percentage, I've grown to accept the skin I am currently in more. As seen by this rare full body selfie.

A pop of color.

After the hate crime that happened in Charleston, SC, I was completed overtaken with emotion and found myself crying in the bathroom at work on multiple occasions. The evening it happened, while all other news outlets were business as usual, a select group of journalists on Twitter where keeping me up to date. This facebook post from Thrusday morning summarized how I felt:

Last night it was disgust and rapid fire tweeting, this morning it's tears. Predominately black churches like the one in Charleston, SC are central figures in the historical narrative of many blacks in America. It's more than a place where you check a religious affiliation box, it's sometimes the first institution that doesn't "other" you. Where people don't look at your skin color and place a load filled with fears and assumptions on your shoulders. Where the way you dress or speak doesn't exclude you from opportunity or possibility. Where your meager bank account or lack of prestigious hobbies doesn't exclude you from belonging. Where young women and men from the poorest communities may sit side by side with judges, political leaders and major thinkers. Where the class barrier is broken and the race burden is left at the door. So yes, today it's tears because I understand what was trampled on in the name of hate. So again, it needs to be said that Black Lives Matter.