The primary appeal of heels over flats is, in truth, all in our minds. Sometimes, a great heel makes you feel more put together and stylish. We are Beyoncé, performing to the packed stadium of life and even though we are about to dance for 3 hours straight, the costume is incomplete without the fiercest of heels. But there are ways to be both fierce and painless.

Though I have the utmost respect for those fashionistas that slay the real-life runway daily with their 1-Million inch pumps, I kind of hate heels. Not all, just the uncomfortable ones, and wedges are excluded from this dislike (of course). But I don’t think people appreciate the value of an incredibly cute flat or kitten heeled shoe!

I am the queen of the comfy shoe selfie on Instagram. I am so proud of my cute and comfortable shoes. I love the color and style variety of my collection and I love the fact that my shoes are not hindering my mobility. I’ve seen women at work who won’t even go to the water-cooler due to the pain caused by simply walking to the other end of the building in those gorgeous yet painful heels.

Here is a little thought liberation; an outfit can be cute and complete with a shoe of reasonable height and endless comfort! I know, this may be hard for some of you! This may even go against your shopping beliefs. But I am here to tell you that flats and kitten heeled shoes can and should be added to your fashion repertoire. 

I'm here to help you, this is how you wear flats well:
  • Always have a wearable pair of black flats. There are three things I always have in active rotation, cute black flats, black slacks and a flattering black dress. You can never go wrong with these. The return on investment is epic on those days where you hate everything you own or you oversleep.
  • Don't be afraid of color. Nothing spices up an outfit as simple as a white tee and jeans like a bright shoe. This can changes an outfit from boring to miniature high fashion.
  • Buy the right size, the point is high fashion comfort. Flats that are too big or small defeat the point! Be especially careful with pointy toes shoes, they can get tricky when attempting to size.
  • Price doesn't matter. I know those who love their $200 Tory Burch flats but I mostly spend less that $30.
  • Try oxfords, they can be endlessly trendy and wonderfully comfy!

If you need the altitude because your legs are too short or whatever other reason you’ve convinced yourself of, either choose a shoe with a solid bottom like a wedge (which can be both very tall and incredibly comfy) or find a heel with the right combo of height, cushion and incline.

I on the other hand feel just as fabulous in flats!