I ended up giving up on that blonde streak and decided to return to using Naturcolor in 1N, a "natural" hair brand that I have been using for a few years, to return to my roots. Black hair it is.

My natural hair color is a mix of faded black and a random spectrum of brown hair. I love rich uniform black hair and have dyed it for sometime to avoid my naturally ashy brown hair (and hide lint).

I have a huge issue with rapidly fading black hair color since all I use is natural or plant-based hair colors, but don't mind the extra work to keep harmful chemicals out of my hair routine. But here are some of the ways to extend the life of your hair color is:
  • Avoiding hot water, which opens the cuticle and encourages the fading of hair color.
  • The occasional protein treatment (working on my own recipe).
  • A good moisturizing routine to offset the drying nature of many dyes.
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