Last weekend I went to Nikia Pheonix's Black Girl Beautiful even in Los Angeles California.It was an event bursting at the seams with boss black girls. I got to chat with some intagram queens and the who's who in the beauty and hair worlds. A couple of amazing women also posed for some great street style photos.

Portia Bartley


Faithey was the first to agree to model for me after leaving's inaugural event! She's multi-talented with perfect arms and hair!

I was super inspired to take photos of the local Los Angeles aesthetic and I even started asking ladies who were walking by to model for me. I met Melissa in the VIP section and we talked about everything from natural hair, to Southern California cost of living, and even cultural appropriation. She's totally a friend now and even invited me to a dancehall class together tomorrow! I took 70 photos of her in two locations in just 10 minutes. It was so much fun!

Me loving my time at this awesome event.