British Singer-songwriter, Jamelia, was accused of not having a first-class ticket by white passenger while catching train at London Euston station with her youngest daughter (Tiani) after a photo shoot. The 36-year-old R&B start posted a series of tweets about the incident on Thursday, January 12 describing how she and her daughter responded to this woman's obvious display of discrimination.

Jamelia further elaborated on her blog: “I need to say, at this point, this situation is far from unique,” the singer wrote. “Most of my train travel is first class, and I would estimate that at least 60 percent of the time, I experience this exchange with either another passenger or someone working for the train company. It’s irritating, embarrassing, but I, like many affluent, Black women, accept it as an annoying part of the space I occupy in society.”

I find this to be true in the United States as well,  many of my first-class riding black girlfriends have noted getting side-eyes, surprised looks and some out right questioning of their seat accuracy by some white passengers. Though we live in a world of many notable and everyday examples black success and a black First Lady of the United States, personal prejudice and negative stereotypes about what black women are capable of are still very much alive.