Never apologize or make excuses for doing what is best for your mind, body and soul. I am vocal about what I won't put on or in my body. I will not be sold snake oil. I will not eat death and smear it on my lips or breasts or locs. I will not apologize for researching,  remembering and confirming that what is placed on the table in front of me or in my cart at the store meets my standards. I will not apologize for being a plant-based black girl.

Some people say, seems like everything will kill you these days, why bother. I ask: would you knowingly drink poison? For those that say yes, stop reading here, for those that say no, consider a few things.

Your Skin is Considered an Organ
Skin is considered an organ because it meets the definition of an organ, which is a group of related cells that combine together to perform one or more specific functions within the body. Skin performs several functions vital to the survival and health of the body, so deserves the label of organ. (source)

If you read this blog, you will see a trend amongst the products I use: the ingredients can be easily pronounced, or found growing garden nurseries. I keep it simple, not every unpronounceable ingredient is a killer chemical, but it's easier for me to track the deadliest culprits and make it a rule to predominately buy products with familiar natural ingredients.

Food Matters

Food matters, some of the most problematic illnesses in developed nations like the United States are often related to diet and lifestyle. Consider diabetes, consider heart disease, consider obesity. Though sometimes heredity or other environmental factors come into play, many times we choose everyday how what we want to die or are working towards a poorer quality of life in our later years, in fact we run to it and invest in it with our hard earned dollars.

I see people all around me choosing not to be an informed consumers and blindly put things in their bodies that may or will cause harm. Sometimes a small shift in my diet to eating more vegetables or less sugar translates into a better mood, more energy, clearer skin, or more focus at work. What you fuel your physical self with matters.

Meat Matters

I'm not a vegetarian, but I am careful about my meat consumption. So often times, I opt to buy  smaller quantities of meat that is of a better quality but cost more per pound. This way I can buy grass fed or local free range but not break my budget.

I've read and seen a bunch of health documentaries with experts consistently stating that we don't need as much protein as we think we do. Noting that there have been multiple protein propaganda campaigns promoting fad diets by folks simple selling ideas that are not inline with health research and fact. When I think back to my favorite dishes of my youth in the Caribbean and in many cultures, meat is added in modest quantities to accent vegetables or whole greens and legumes. There is also some risk to health associated with abusing protein in your diet.

Not only is there risk to your health but also our planet, more than 80 percent of the protein humans consume comes from animals in the form of meat, eggs, or dairy. These animals require a significant amount of resources to become food. If you include the irrigation needed for the feed, 1/3 of a pound of hamburger requires 660 gallons of water to produce. There are also a ton of environmental plagues associated with raising animals for human consumption, including deforestation, water contamination, loss of biodiversity, and desertification.

Everything Will Kill You, So Why Bother?

There seems to always be a new study saying this thing, which was once considered safe, actually does something horrible to your body. Just because this thing is in more that 50% of the products sold at your favorite stores does not mean you should resign yourself to exposure to it. If you found out that you had a near miss with trifling ex-boyfriend who now has a known STD, would you consider rekindling that love affair or would you confirm your tests are clean with your doctor and steer clear of his commitment issues and corresponding Groupon penis. I personally am not a fan of my love pocket itching and burning, so I would recommend avoiding him and any other known toxin to your mind, body and soul.


Living a greener more balanced life doesn't have to break the bank, it doesn't mean becoming a raw vegan who throws paint on people trying to run through a Burger King drive-through for dinner. Fact is:

  • Contrary to popular belief, eating more vegetables more affordable than buying snack foods. I can often fill my cart for less than it would cost to fill my cart with random processed food. 
  • You don't have to do it all over night. Start with upgrading one meal a day and incorporate it into that week's grocery shopping. 
  • You can take baby steps and replace products as they run out, when your sketch lotion or soap runs out replace it with a more natural one. Do it over time and according to your budget.
  • Do your research, plug in to blogs, like mine, or newsletters that will share updates and try keep yourself somewhat informed but don't become paranoid or overwhelmed. Just be mindful and be thoughtful.
Being a plant-based black girl is about being mindful and being thoughtful about what you put in your body. It is an expanded big girl version of self-care.