I don't have perfect skin, but it's pretty darn good with minimal breakouts. Other than the skin care routines I've shared, here are 7 things I (and you should) avoid doing to help secure a clearer and healthier complexion.

1. Consistently eating terrible junk food or food items that can cause an imbalance and derma-logical reactions. Crappy processed food rarely yields awesome skin.

2. Leaving stress levels unchecked. We all face a bit of stress in our lives. Whether it's just when you are stuck in traffic while running late to work or if it is something longer term and more serious. There are ways to reduce and manage stress from avoiding the triggers to mindful breathing techniques. Stress wreaks havoc on your body, from your skin to your overall immune system. Bonus points if you get enough sleep (helps with stress and acne).

3. Washing your face with any old cleanser. It is time to upgrade your knowledge about skin care products and ingredients. Picking cleansers with harsh chemicals and ignoring your skin's cries for change is not a good idea. Make sure you pick a cleanser with aloe vera and avoid those with alcohol as a primary ingredient.

4. Sleep with makeup on. Leaving your makeup on overnight can lead to clogged pores and is a breading ground for acne causing bacteria.

5. Ooze negativity. You can look how you feel. Like in most endeavors, the first step is getting your mind right. Ponder good and lovely things and think of your body (even the skin you may not fully love) as a good and lovely thing simply because it is a part of you!

6. Abuse liquor. Alcohol is a hepatoxin that can cause skin issues and some alcoholic beverages have ingredients that are incredibly bad for overall health, skin included.

7. Constant face touching. Face touching can trigger acne or a breakout if  any dirt and oil on your hands is transferred to your face.