Here are some great Sisterlocks and Traditional loc care content creators and innovators:

1. I started following Tyler before she had sisterlocks, she is a chick with amazing low-key style and haunting beauty. I loved when her selfies would pop up in my feed, I always felt inspired by them, she has definite muse vibes.

Her Sisterlocks are still in their infancy and her videos are beautiful.

 Instagram - Tumblr - Twitter

2.  LetsJourneyy is another vlogger with gorgeous hair, definitely shoulder length sisterlocked goals!

She has had her locs over a year and makes solid videos


3.  Lea Goldsmith  has had her Sisterlocks since she was 14, she's been loc'd for about 9 years now. She is essentially a loc Supermodel in my humble opinion. I love anytime she posts a selfie Instagram and I am excited about her upcoming Youtube channel (teach us how to ombre)!


4. Danielle Loxs has had her gorgeous locs almost 20 years, her mother installed them as two strand twists when she was a child. She has a lifetime of loc wisdom to share.

5. Keisha Felix is a loc influencer with no shortage of tutorials and videos to choose from.

Website - Instagram

Love any other great bloggers and vloggers, share them in the comments below!

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