Abidemi Komolafe

My timelines have been blessed by some of the best selfies ever since summer has been in full swing. Some of you have been taking full advantage of all the natural lighting the sun can provide and those deeper tans from beach and pool life. I just want to celebrate y'all and highlight my some of my favorites.

I must start with Abidemi Komolafe for obvious reasons! Sis is so freaking beautiful and she is definitely hair and selfie goals.

If you aren't already, go ahead and follow her on instagram.

Next up is Dae, this minimalist organic sister keeps blessing my timeline with her natural beauty and her full and free mane. I love her vibe and her selfies.

Check out Dae's instagram and youtube channel.

Can we talk about Keisha's salt and pepper beauty, I mean wow!

Her hair and skin are just gorgeous!

I high-key love all of Tyler's selfies, she just combed out her sisterlocks and her hair is still gorgeous, the fro is perfection on her.

I've been enjoying those summer sun rays myself, I've also made sure to use my favorite moisturizer with built in sunscreen daily and up my game with this natural spray-on sunscreen when I'm at the beach or by the pool. Wear sunscreen ladies!

Check out my instagram and Sisterlocked's facebook page for more summer photo fabulousness.

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