Winter is coming. Time to prepare for it with the right tools and loc care habits.

The Tools

Prepare your winter arsenal with the right tools.
  1. Encourages hair growth by invigorating the hair follicles with the bristles of the brush, thus increasing blood flow and oxygen to the scalp.
  2. Discourages build up by removing oils trapped in your locs that can be magnets for lint. For already trapped lint, loc brushing can help dislodge it. It can also dislodge dead skin cells (dandruff), and other buildup that may have become trapped inside your locs.
  3. Minimizes dry and frizzy locs. Frizz can be an indication of a lack of moisture, you can combat this via loc brushing because it can help distribute your natural oils from your scalp to the tips of your locs, hydrating the locs while taming any frizzy hairs in the process.

To help remove dirt, build up, or lint from your locs, dry brushing is a great solution.
Also,  wait until buds on the ends and locs are in the teenage phase before you start loc brushing.

  • Silk lined caps- wear beneath wool and other winter caps to protect against lint and drying our your locs.
  • Hair Dryer and Steamer- The dryer to prevent hair staying wet all day and risking mold and steamer for those mornings where you have more time and you want to imbue a bit more moisture into your locs. 
The Right Products & Routine
The right products and routine will help prevent dry winter hair.
  • Consider making an Herbal Hair Rinse part of your routine to strengthen your hair and combat dryness in both your hair and scalp during those dry months.
  • Incorporate essential oils and create some DIY recipes or try one of my two favorites
                  - The magical Ancient Greek Oil Mix (it comes in a convenient spray bottle)
                 - Camille Rose Nibs & Honey - Ultimate Growth Serum (it has a easy to use nozzle top perfect for scalp oiling.
Only use oil sparingly on wet locs to seal in moisture.

Do you have any winter routines that keep your locs healthy through those chilly months, please share in the comment below.

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