Keisha Johnson is the 46 year old beauty that is taking the natural hair community by storm with her fierce and fabulous gray sisterlocks. From her fit figure to her show stopping selfies, Keisha, who goes by K_Adore on instagram, graced the pages of magazines in her 40's after upgrading her personal style with locs and rocking her natural hair color.

Keisha has graciously agreed to share her hair journey with the Sisterlocked community:

When did you get sisterlocks and why?

My locs were installed in September of 2014. I decided on sisterlocks because of the versatility and fullness they allow. I preferred something that would allow fullness and freedom.

Tell us more about your locs. How many do you have and what is your current hair care routine?

I’m not sure but I believe I have over 300 locs. I have my hair retightened every 7 weeks and I don't self-maintain. I don't use any products on my hair, just water. But I do shampoo with Suave Clarifying shampoo.

How has your beauty regime changed since getting locs? 

My beauty regime has changed to: I woke up like this!!! No more daily hair maintenance.

What have been some of the pros and cons of having sisterlocks?

I have no dislikes at all. The pros of sisterlocks is definitely the freedom. Just yesterday it was raining and I didn’t have to fret over not having an umbrella. Gosh, I don’t even own an umbrella anymore. Also, I can work out, swim or whatever without any worries of sweating my hair out.

Who would you recommend sisterlocks to? 

My recommendation is to do what’s best for you. Everyone's hair is different and you have to do what you desire and not what you see someone else doing. You have to be happy within yourself. Social media can be deceiving at times, that’s why I try to be unfiltered when posting my photos and videos. I want people to see the real Keisha. I’m here to help and encourage others to self love.

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