This past weekend I was at a Bridal show with a friend and we saw this woman with gorgeous traditional locks. She had very thick and coarse textured hair but her locks, which were mid back, were softer than my sisterlocks. She allowed me to touch her hair and went on and on about her regime:

Wash with Peppermint Shampoo
Follow up with Peppermint Conditioner
Moisturize with a mixture of Pure Castor Oil
and Pure Jojoba Oil

She said they were a bit pricey but were the best quality products from Wholefoods.

I logged on to the sisterlocks Facebook group and noticed someone asked what she could use to thicken her edges. Last retightening I lost a few locks at the hairline. It is not a problem yet but I will definitely be making a homemade thickening conditioner spray this weekend:

Rosemary Oil
Castor Oil
Peppermint Oil (more for scent)
Distilled Water

I'll have photos and a follow up post when I've bought the ingredients.