Mother, sister, daughter, friend, child of God and wonderful young woman; Faby loves living life to the fullest! When an old college pal decided to return to the natural world with a fab and fierce hairstyle I had to share this with my sisterlocked family.

Faby is a mother, wife, and fierce business woman.

My earliest memory of Faby is this:
Fierce is she not? Well this was a few years ago.

So when Faby wanted a new look and was debating which hairstyle to go with... I had to cast my vote for the BC (big chop). Sometimes people will give double sided compliments about how good another's ultra short cut is and how "I could never carry off that look". Well, I have rocked a BC or two and I must say Faby's trumps them all (even mine). So with her permission I wanted to share the debut of her new look.

It is my second big chop and I am learning a lot about my hair. This time I am taking the time to get to know and love the natural curls that God gave me.
Fabiola A.

From this:

To this:

And now this (the glow up is real):

Follow her journey here: