Recently I posted that I was heavily considering cutting off my sisterlocks and starting with a fresh set. I had been maintaining my sisterlocks myself for a few months now because life and family has kept me so busy. After reading everyone's responses and finally getting a re-tightening and advice from a seasoned sisterlock professional, Ive made a decision.

First I want to respond and share some comments and suggestions I've received over the past two weeks:
  • Everyones hair is unique and their sisterlocks will be equally unique. I did not expect my sisterlocks to be exactly like another person's, but I did want a certain size throughout my entire head. The locks in the front are 1/4 the size of those in the back. Sisterlocks are installed in three sizes: small, medium and large, but I did not desire such a dramatic size difference. I've met seasoned sisterlock wearers who had gorgeous sisterlock and brotherlock combos, but I wanted to stay in the small and medium range.
  • Though micro-sisterlocks similar to Kreyola's are very common in the community, they are not without their demands. Some are not willing to maintain them regularly at home and others like myself are more that willing to balance professional re-ti's with at-home care.
  • Throughout any hair journey, you'll have some not so great moments and some second guesses. I think that it is important to remember what you want for your hair and keep true to that reasoning.
  • Part of being a Certified Sisterlock Consultant is agreeing to up hold the standards as dictated by the founders of the technique and network. If your consultant does not uphold these standards and they are registered, you as the consumer have certain rights. If you have issues with your install, address them right away to make sure they are rectified before you have to pay for it.
  • In order to not loose length, I can always comb out my sisterlocks. Depending on the size this could be a monster project and I would loose hair that may have otherwise shed naturally if not for being locked.
  • I was aware of lock merging techniques but I also have the option to also separate the larger locks. Splitting my locks will be laborious to say the least, but instead of paying an additional $500+ for a new set I can just see a consultant a bit more frequently. Then slowly but surely I can get the size locks I desire that will also fit perfectly into my present grid.
  • (Later Update) Give it some time. A few years into my loc journey, I stopped obsessing over the little things and I fell deeply in love with my imperfect locs.