Meet Paula, one of my favorite sisterlocked Facebooker’s. Let me warn you, Ms.Watson’s hair is beyond fabulous!

About my Hair

Where I live: I am a Jamaican living on the island of Saint Lucia.

How long have I been sister locked: I have had sisterlocks for 3 years 11 months (almost 4 years).
Hair before sisterlocks: I have been natural for most of my life, having been encouraged by family to keep it so. In wanting a change of hair style, I decided to cut it and wear it curly (wash and go with a little curl activator). After it grew out a bit, a friend of mine suggested straightening it and I took her advice and regretted the decision not long after. At first it looked great, I even colored it a few weeks later. But not being someone who likes to visit a hair salon regularly, my hair began to suffer. I don’t think during the short period I had straightened hair that I ever set it on curlers. Partly because of neglect and harsh chemicals, my hair began to break and fall off. I would find strands of hair on my pillow every morning. I got fed up one day and took a pair of scissors to it; the result was not a pretty sight. After this episode, the thought of locks started to take root. I researched all the different methods of lock installation and came up with sisterlocks. And so my journey began…
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Hair routine: I wash my hair once a week, usually on a Saturday after my 1.5 hour walk. I use suave shampoo and then as a final rinse I use water infused with rosemary and a few drops of coconut oil. Recently, I have taken to saturating my hair with coconut milk and leaving it in for a few minutes before rinsing out. I find that leaves my hair shinier and with more moisture. When my hair is dry I apply a little coconut oil to my scalp. From day to day I do nothing to it except spritz with water and style. I prefer to freestyle most days. On special occasions I would do a braid out or set it on curlers.
I retighten my hair every four weeks usually a little bit at a time over 2 or 3 days. It grows very quickly so I try to avoid delaying my retightening when possible.

Favorite foods: I became a vegan four months ago. I eat a lot of local fruits such as mango, guavas, oranges and bananas. I love Jamaican rice peas cooked with coconut milk. My diet includes a lot of peas, nuts and soy products. Everything I eat is all natural and my food is seasoned with fresh herbs, garlic and onion. I avoid using oil, margarine or any processed fats in preparing my food.

Personal style: I keep everything simple. I wear makeup only occasionally. On most days I wear jeans and a nice shirt or the occasional casual dress. I love earrings; I can never have enough of them.

My hobbies: Creative writing (poetry and short stories), camping, swimming, hiking and reading, and crocheting

Paula Watson