I can not believe that I have been sisterlocked for 2 years this Month! This has been an adventure to say the least, but I love having sisterlocks and I love having natural hair!

 There is something so freeing about washing and conditioning your own hair. Waking up with bedhead and being able to quickly finger comb and go. I can do as little or as much to my hair as I desire.

To Celebrate my joy and freedom, I want to give away some of my favorite natural hair products. Let me disclose that I work in finance for a living, the products I post I BUY with MY OWN money most of the time. The products that I do get from free usually come from friends and I tell the truth about my personal experiences and regimes. Not every product or method works for every kink and curl. So to share I am digging into my pockets to say thank you for reading my rants, proclamations and hair science products. Though few of yall comment, from my site stats and crap ton of direct emails, I know yall visit my site with a vengeance. So in appreciation I'll be hosting the most random hair anniversary giveaway ever!

I'll be starting with a tried and true favorite from my relaxed and curly fro days:

Organic Raw and Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar! To enter, leave a comment with your contact details and let me know if you want it and why! The last day to enter is June 15th, winner(s) will be contacted shortly after. Keep a look out for more exciting giveaways!