Correct me if I'm wrong, it is a great way to learn.

In my previous post, "Everything She Dislikes, I Love About My Hair", I may have unintentionally been discouraging about 4 Pattern Sisterlocks. One reader, who has very lovely long mature 4 pattern locs, has a fullness that I can only dream of at that length. So 3 pattern Sisterlocks are not the only path to a desired look nor will it yield the same results for everyone. Those test Sisterlocks are so important because our various hair textures will react differently to each pattern. That consultant I tested out felt differently and meant well but I don't want an air tight Loc nor do I desire a heavy handy method to achieve said Loc.

Also, I still need to take the sisterlock class. I will take the full consultant class and install my sister's locks. Don't get me wrong, the plan is still to have others do my hair from time to time but I'm a mother of 2, with a demanding career and a hot husband. So my time is more than just money. I need more flexibility and freedom than most. So for now I'm using the (DIY cliche) YouTube and blog taught method until October.