Because of recent schedule conflict issues and out of an act of desperation, I tried a new consultant. She was very forth coming and meant well but most of the "issues" she had with my hair, I've always felt were strengths:

The locks in the front are too small. It takes a GREAT DEAL of TLC to re-ti my front locks. And post-pregnancy hormones and heavy handed consultants have not helped. But this woman had a mouthful to say about my front mico-locks (some are like 1/16th of an inch) and it was mostly negative. She was so flustered by them. But small locks = fullness. Which I need at the top.

Your hair is too frizzy. Let me scream it from roof tops... I LOVE MY BIG POOFY 3 PATTERN SISTERLOCKS! Love them  and though I can appreciate that 4 Pattern on others, I would hate them on myself. 3 Pattern is for fine hair and gives more volume.

The more scalp the better. Maybe some like that scalpy look after a fresh retightening but I prefer my hair a few weeks after, when it is full.

She meant well and I am sure she is a 4 pattern master, but she had issues starting locs for my shorter new growth areas, ones I was able to create myself and others have been done for me at similar lengths. She did show me the sisterlock tool for the first time and I've been locked 2 years. She was very forth coming with guidance and information and more personable than most consultants. She had tons of compliments on the general beauty and softness of my hair (thanks Kiss My Face shampoo and conditioner). But she has a heavy touch and my hair is so tight that I will have hair that pops after every visit with her if I stay. And it took her 4 hours to do a fourth of my hair when Mofe at Nubian Knots does my whole head in 2.5 hours. She will not be a good fit for me.

I do have some crazy nasty bunching and some locks that hang on to a few strands at times because of post-pregnancy hormones and a toddler who has attempted to pull out locks on more than one occasion. My grid is all kind of hellacious but I LOVE MY HAIR!

I will finish my hair with my trusty home-made tool since my nappyloc went down the drain and will be making an August appointment with Mofe.

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