My family is trying some new products from a company I was recently introduced to, OBI Natural Hair Care. My sister and daughter have been testing their curl enhancing custard and curl moisture cream but I think their curl hydration spray might be perfect for everyday use on my sisterlocks. I don't like to try new products on dirty hair, because you don't get to see the full results. So I'm waiting until the deep hair cleansing I have planned this weekend to try OBI out.
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For those that may follow me on twitter here and here or even read my other blog, you may know that I am a huge advocate for organic and natural living. I would be a paleo fanatic or vegan still if not for the fact that I love cooking and I don't want to limit myself too much. You would not believe how much healthier food is made from scratch with quality ingredients like grass fed cows and Himalayan salt and real spices. Well, organic living can get pricey if you don't know where to shop, if you don't coupon and if you don't understand what needs to be organic and what can be conventional. So to help with the cost, I have started my own back yard organic garden with lettuce, peas, stevia, chard, carrots and sweet potatoes. I choose these items because they are the only ones I could find that you could plant in September - October in Florida. Wish me luck!

My sister and friend will be taking the sisterlocks consultant class and next month (I'll wait until next year). This does mean sisterlocks will become even more serious in my household.