My corporate wellness nurse noted that my hair issues could stem from a lack of protein. But, I believe I eat plenty of protein, at least that is what tells me. I know I am genetically predisposed for low iron and I eat lots of iron rich foods and I have increased my red meat recently. But I wonder if diet is a culprit, any one who follows my life and marriage blog knows I eat wonderfully (see one of my new recipes below) but I wonder if my genetic iron issues is to blame. My blood work was superb and my thyroid functions perfectly so I know my hair-loss was not related to the more common issues.

Alas, I have decieded to eat a body and hair healthy diet as well as return to a rich chemical free and homemade scalp conditioning regiment (even though sisterlocks corporate frowns upon it).

Last Night I made Lemongrass Beef and Pho for dinner. For the recipe please visit here: