I've been sent a couple of private and public messages requesting some information about cost of sisterlocks and though I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hair, here are a few valid points to keep in mind if considering sisterlocks as your locking method of choice.

Also sisterlocks are not the only method for achieving small uniform locs. Interlocking, if started by a master loctician and well organized in a uniform pattern can be a VERY cost effective alternative to sisterlocks.

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Kreyola's Sisterlocks Journey: Disadvantages of Sisterlocks for the Newbies...Don...:decided to write this post because I wanted to inform the newbie’s on what to considered when getting sisterlocks, and avoid the lost of time and money that is involve in getting sisterlocks, especially if you still not sure if you want sisterlocks or not. Each dreadlock technique has its own disadvantage, but as a sisterlocks wearer, I will list sisterlocks (brotherlocks) disadvantages....