This is a long overdue hair update.

Hair Regime:

  • Retighten my locs every 6-8 weeks and maintenance the areas that grow faster than
    others in between.
  • Washing with baking soda and vinegar or an organic shea butter shampoo/conditioner weekly or more frequently.
  • Spraying every morning with distilled rosemary infused water.

 Favorite hairstyles are quick and simple, all swept to one side or in a high messy half pony.

My loc loss has slowed down since I have finished moving and managed my stress better. I am hoping my regrowth oil mix helps grow back those I've lost.

Here are some other views of my hair:

I've also added Pimento oil to my regime. I have heard wonderful things about it so I have started massaging my scalp with it twice a month.

 Skin Care Regime:

  • African Pride Black Soap 
  • African Pride Haitian Vertiver Lotion
  • Homemade coconut and lavendar oil infused salt scrubs for dry skin areas and it is great on chapped lips
  • Organic Peppermint Lip gloss.
  • Natural makeup as needed for business meetings and special events.
  • I am also switching to natural deodorant when my current one is finished.
  • I also drink gallons of water and cook with the highest quality ingredients (minimally processed and preservative free) check my instagram or family/food blog for ideas.

Hope this gives a few others some ideas about their regime. If you have any recommendations, please let me know! Oh FYI, though the sisterlock shampoo had great results, my own personal dedication to using all natural products just conflicted with the ingredients on the bottle.