I may never host a kid's birthday party again. Contagious children gave my sister and husband have a violent stomach bug. Last night my sister did not make it to the toilet and I sported my disease control mask, gloves and bleach to wipe vomit from the walls. I have no words for how insane my day is today and I hope to make it to work in the morning. I’ve been trying all day to protect my children from the bacteria lurking in secret crevices of my post toddler birthday party home. And my sister and husband lay in their beds on opposite sides of our home providing inescapable serenades of sickly moans.

Today I’ve played every role and more. But to make things better, I decided to run wild in the intense Florida heat of my back yard with the kids. It was a beautiful day and I hope the sun shine somehow protects them from the stomach bug lurking in our home.