*Rolled over this morning and faced husband*
Husband: How does it feel?
Wife: How does what feel?
Husband: To wake up on the final day of your 20's?
Wife: REALLY? (Thinks: REALLY you stupid jerk, then immediately asks Jesus for forgiveness)
Husband: (Smiles) I mean that as a compliment!
Wife: A compliment, by reminding me of the END...
Husband: The END of what?
You are more beautiful than ever!
Your skin is perfect!
You've grown so much since we started dating freshmen year!
We're married, you birthed our children, and you put the word aging to shame!
Wife: OH! You still shouldn't have started with reminding me it is the last day of my 20's...

TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY, but today I celebrate the end of a decade by going to work make-up free and wearing my best smile and my fiercest wedges! Happy Thursday!