The other day I posted the following pic on instagram and the Sisterlocked Facebook group with the caption, "Hydrated raw chia before dinner. Nothing like wearing a bathing suit to light a fire under your weight loss game! #locs #sisterlocks #healthyeating" and a few folks asked me how it worked.

I use Chia seeds as an alternative to afternoon coffee at work and as an aid in my weight loss goal. Chia is a real higher energy super food with nutritional value that exceeds most fruits (like blueberries) and many leafy greens, which is why I can use as an alternative to afternoon coffee at work.

Because chia is filling, I have a glass of hydrated chia in between meals and it helps me to feel full longer and reduce my serial snacking at my desk. Essentially it stops hunger, quiets cravings for food, improves digestion (high in soluble fiber), gives you the energy to be active, balances blood sugar, and helps restore the omega-3 balance.

For some chia recipes, see this post.