Time to talk skincare...
I live a make-up minimal life and I kind of love it! When I do partake in make-up, I'm able to reach my desired look with just (natural) primer, brow liner, (natural) concealer, (natural) blush, and a little something for lip. Success with minimal makeup starts with a results focused skincare routine! (FYI all the photos in this post are 100% makeup free!)

I have tons of new natural products that I am loving! Though I do get the occasional  environment and/or food induced breakout, I am pleased with my skin.

Ever since that grandmother with the skin of a 30 year-old told me she started her preventative skincare routine in her 20's, I have been a firm believer in the 3-step routine:

1. Cleanse

Using a cleanser the addresses your issues (oil, dryness, combination) and is plant based when possible.

2. Tone

Toning is a part of my life! I believe in it... I do it... I encourage others to do it! Toning minimizes pores and firms skin!

3. Moisturize

I want supple and rich skin. Dryness leads to premature aging and I am not about that!

I am also trying out a few products from NYR Organics, great stuff!