Hindsight is 20/20 and I made many mistakes with my sisterlocks early on (and blogged most of them). Here is a list of advice based on the Top 5 loc mistakes we make in the early years:

1. I didn't push for more information and explanation.

Because I was not afraid to test the waters, I soon discovered all consultants aren't created equal and overtime learned how much I either did not know about my hair or was completely wrong about! This maybe a by product of the Sisterlock business model, but there wasn't enough transparency about sisterlocks.   The Sisterlocks.com website was (and kind of remains) a bit archaic and insufficient. Sisterlock and microlock bloggers were inconsistent and often went inactive.

An acquaintance of mine paid a fist to go through the consultant training, and that is what it took for her to fully understand her sisterlocks. She had no intention of becoming a stylist but she wanted full ownership of her locs and she was tired of feeling handicapped
by her consultant. I can't tell how many times consultants made side comments about my locs that they did not even attempt to clarify. All the cloak and dagger secrecy forces you to make assumptions.

2. I didn't abstain from conditioners early on.

Trapped deep in my now mature sisterlocks are the ghosts of conditioners past. Lint and dirt forever trapped in my locs because I did not heed the only advice stylists consistently give, AVOID CONDITIONERS!

Your locks, more than anything else early on, need to stay clean and settle. Conditioners slow the locing process and cause hella permanent buildup. I know because I have these gray centers in some of my locs that no amount of clarifying or coloring can rid me of.

Learn from my mistakes folks, do better and cleanse, don't moisturize. Find a good cleanser with some light essential oils and your locks will have a natural effortless shine.

3. I didn't stick to a consistent maintenance schedule!

My locs have suffered for a number of reasons over the years, but one that I was truly to blame for is waiting too long in-between re-tightenings. My already thin locks were often hanging by a few strands because of a prolonged wait and the subsequent repercussions.

4. Pick a consultant you trust and don't stick with one out of obligation!

My original consultant is beloved by many (and quick) but her touch was not kind to my scalp. My already sensitive and fragile locs would not survive her technique.

My second consultant helped me to understand my hair better and saved many of my locs through reattachment, but took 4x longer than my original consultant.

My third consultant was just awful.

My fourth consultant provided consistent quality, training, reattached many of my thinned locs, but she was pricey and far, leading to a prolonged wait in-between re-tightenings.

My fifth consultant was so perfect! She came to my home for a nominal fee, had a touch that didn't lead to loc loss, and really gave me instruction. But, I moved across the country.

5. I didn't consider sisterlock alternatives enough.

I love my sisterlocks but the truth is, I could have gotten a product I may have been equally please with via braid locks or interlocks for a substantial savings and more transparency. I may have still ended up with sisterlocks though...