July has been insane, INSANE. I think I’ve done more in these past two weeks than I have done in the past two months. You’ll see more photos in the days to come, but for now, I wanted to Say “Hello” and share a few snap shots of my hectic life.

I went camping! The husband talked me into camping… I don’t think I have really camped since I was a kid. It was gorgeous, a cliff overlooking the ocean. The days were warm and the evenings chilly. I snuggled up to my husband, and we slept like babies.

My daughter packed this little suit case with what she deemed to be most important: stuffed animals, 5 pairs of her favorite shoes, and her favorite summer dress. I squeezed what she really needed to be safe and comfy in my travel bag.

I had dinner with friends. I am an extroverted, introvert. I can be the life of the party any and every day, but it takes a good deal out of me. I love my friends and my family but the overwhelming need to be alone with a good book or my thoughts is something I have to work to keep at a respectable minimum.

I read some great books. From a biography to science-fiction, I sat and I read. Reading makes me feel more alive, more whole!

I took selfies, of course! I have these moments when I really love the skin I am in and these polar opposite moments where I wish my subconscious could be transferred to another/better petri dish grown version of myself with a lower body fat percentage. The struggle is still real with body image.

I kissed my children daily. I try to stay very aware of world events. I choose not to overt my eyes and shy away from the often times harsh realities of others, and when I read stories of people suffering, I think: "what if they were my babies". I wish I could embrace all the motherless children, the ones who feel unloved, the ones who are neglected. I wish I could hold them and tell them that they are loved.  That even though I won’t be able to protect them from all the ugly the world has to offer, in this moment they are safe and they are loved. I can’t do that for every child, but I can do that for my child. So I held them and I loved them.