My personal fashion style tends to vary with my mood, sometimes I feel adventurous and other times reserved, but I always want to feel like me. If I am not having fun or feeling authentic, I feel uncomfortable and it will show.

I’ve noticed that this is also true for my kiddos, I have two (just in case are new to my blog). They are polar opposites and have had the most unique of personalities since they were in their cribs. This is the truth in all things, including fashion. My daughter can be extremely prissy one minute and then oddly hipster the next. My son has a fixation with shirts without pants. If he could venture out publicly in his super hero briefs, he definitely would!  (LOL)

 The interesting thing about my individual fashion sense and my identity as a mother is that they can intersect in glorious ways. I think many folks believe that motherhood somehow sucks the life out of your beauty and individuality, I disagree. For me, motherhood has encouraged me to actually boldly express myself in all things!

I bought this jumper from the cutest little hipster boutique in Southern California. It is so easy to wear, very comfy.

We go to this predominately Korean and hipster little church, so I have more leeway with church clothes than my Southern Baptist days.