Face mapping is a concept that has long existed in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Face mapping states that the location and type of acne you have is in fact linked to certain internal organs. Though I am not well versed of all the TCM practices and beliefs (and therefore cannot recommend it in its entirety), I can say that many fairly trusted skin care gurus believe there is some validity in face mapping. Please remember that breakouts can be caused by a variety of things – skin care products, hygiene, allergies or genetics.

In TCM and face mapping, if you have breakouts on say… your brow (a liver area), this doesn’t literally mean there is a problem with your liver. It is interpreted as being related to the TCM representation of this organ on either an emotional (anger, irritable, moody) or physical (constipated, excessive consumption of toxins, menstrual issues) level. Complicated, I know. The truth is TCM is based on generations of cultural observation and not exact science. I’m fairly open-minded, so I say give it a try.

Use my little cheat sheet as a guide:

Mouth corners, around the eyebrow area and under the eyes
Anger, frustration, and Irritability.
Too much beer or junk food and possibly constipated.
Large Intestines
Laugh lines
Feeling stuck or grieving
Similar to Lung area.
Gall Bladder
Issues with courage and problems with judging others.
Not drinking enough water or food allergies.
Upper cheeks or nose
Blockage of joy, emotional, and shock.
High blood pressure.
Chin, under eyes and ears
Fear and will power issues.
Dehydration or reproductive issues.
Stressed and emotionally imbalanced
Similar to Lung area.

Stomach and Spleen
Around lips and mouth, between the brows, under eyes, and side of face/jaw line.
Worry and overwork.
IBS, appetite issues, and energy issues.
Lower cheek
Grief, longing, or detachment.
Asthma or immune system issues.
Emotional Level (short term issues)                         Physical Level (long term Issues)

I truly believe skin care should be holistic. Though nothing should replace a visit to your doctor and this may not be the truth for everyone, I do hope this helps someone.

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