It's summer and I am feeling bold, the brighter the better!

I'm wearing old pieces, mostly from my Florida closet, that I just randomly decided to combine.

The shoes are a recent clearance purchase from Target. At $13, I think they are worth every penny.

I purchased the scarf from Zara last summer, so happy I did. I love this durn thing!

The shades are on sale at Loft, only $15.

This little guy rode in an out of half my shots on his new scooter. It was a lovely day for playing outdoors and wearing bright clothes!

P.S. I've been taking care to love my skin through a difficult battle with stress acne! A big part of this has been accomplished by reducing my stress through mindfulness and living in the moment. So I take a few extra moments daily to hold the babies a bit longer and appreciate the small things!