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Half-way through the month and July has been non-stop and intense in more ways than one! I’m fighting off being overwhelmed with a stick! My introverted self wants to build an adult sized fort, with an iPod filled with indie acoustic music, and read 3 or 4 great books in succession. But alas, I am pretty sure the husband would want to snuggle or something and the toddlers are surprisingly needy for my attention! Meanwhile, my outer extrovert is screaming carpe diem and filling my social calendar to the max.

Jean for DAYZ

It was actually perfect time to wear jeans every day, even to the office -- since they allow casual wear during the warm month of July. I felt crazy excited and a bit conflicted when Target sent me a sample box of their newest jeans.

because these jeans were freakin’ cute, like REALLY cute – and I am not just saying that because they were free and Target is paying me a little paper money for this post (full freaking disclosure as per usual).

because I feel fat, I seriously don’t feel comfortable in my own skin at the moment. I am so ashamed, I want to scream (and do believe) that every woman should love and accept herself just as she is. I have these days when you could not tell me that I don’t look hotter than a super model. I have these other days where I want to wrap myself in head to toe sweats and become a hermit that yells at passers by.

I gained 35 pounds and my Doctor informed me that I have an insanely high body fat percentage. Muffin top is eating away at my self-esteem and my health. But I realized, after a 2-week long pity party of self-loathing, that this was counter intuitive. I decided (again) that a girl can and should look smokin’ hot at any size. Don’t get me wrong, the self-esteem struggle is still real, but I had to make the choice to try and love myself as I am every morning before and even if I don’t achieve my diet goals.

(Mid-Rise Jeggings)

Celebrated Natural Hair

At the start of this month, I went to Happy Fro Day LA 2015 and met the most gorgeous (true story) afro wearing chicks in the West coast. I brought along my baby girl and my little sister and we snapped a million Instagram photos, sat in the grass, listened to acoustic music and then explored Los Angeles a bit more.

(Ripped Boyfriend Jeans)

Got Geeky

Anyone who knows me, knows that in lieu of being able to have boyfriends or a social life in high school, I watched indie films, studied ancient history, and read tons of comics. My strict Caribbean parents made saying no, a third language in our household. I personally think all this gave me character and made me a cooler adult and made me the dedicated science fiction/comic book nerd I am today.

I got really geeky this month when I went to San Diego Comic-Con! I am so excited for the new season of all my favorite TV shows!

Bookworm Livin’

I sat about and read. The husband gifted me a few no-judgment days and allowed me to binge read. Books are always a priority for me, but sometimes life and career goals do not allow for another great book to be ravenously consumed.

Birthday Girl
Another year, another birthday. 30 came out of nowhere! I feel like it was just yesterday that I moved in to my college dorm. That I let my now husband first kiss me on the dance floor in a nightclub while a BeyoncĂ© song played in the background. Fast-forward and I am 30… I am married… I am Mom!

(High-Rise Skinny Jeans)
A Pair of Target Jeans

I lived all of these days and all of these realizations in a pair of target jeans:

I learned that I love high-waisted cuts, that contrary to my previously held beliefs, I look GOOOD in flare.

I learned that a little stretch goes a long way when you have curves for days.

I learned that I am a hot ageless rock star when I wear ripped jeans.

I learned that there are days that I will love how I look and there will be days when my husband will have to rip the gray sweats out of my tearful grasp! And I learned that even these days are okay if I get back on that freakin self-esteem horse again and own my semi-hotness.

Discover Your Own Target Style
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