I love Youtube and makeup tutorials. I love seeing the intricate steps involved in making an already beautiful woman otherworldly.

I love these videos, but my life leaves little room to create a fierce full face daily.  Additionally, I'm secretly afraid that I would compromise the health of my skin if I wore 6 levels of makeup daily.

In lieu of a full face, I rock a simple natural look. One that tones down my dark circles, evens my skin tone, and gives me a light glow. Here are the 6 steps to master a natural look:

Starting with a bare face.

  1.  Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize
I view this as one step. I ALWAYS tone and moisturize after washing my face  and I have been using the same cleansers and toner for almost two years now, so believe me when I say I really believe in these products.
The Acure moisturizer is new, I have only been using it two weeks now. Still too early to tell if it is better than my Anadlou Naturals moisturizer. I bought this from Thrive Market but it is also available on Amazon.

      2.   Use a great primer!
I love my primer by 100PrecentPure, their luminous primer is plant based and so good for my skin. I have been using it for a year now and I am so in love!

       3.   Pick foundation(s) that match your color perfectly and does not have to be caked on.
I sometimes only wear a little foundation to cover my dark circles. Having a foundation that is a near perfect color match allows you to put on as much or as little as you want. Just make sure you blend.

I still use 100PercentPure Plant based foundation.

       4.   Brows Bish!
The best thing I did last year was grow out my brows. It was a game changer. It enhanced my overall look in the most subtle of ways. Make sure you keep your brows manicured at home with light occasional tweezing and filling in those sparse areas with a fine tipped brow pencil or brush. Short fine strokes are the key!

        5.   A little mascara going a long way.
Add lashes if you wish but all I do is add a little mascara and go to define my lashes.

        6.   Lip love makes all the difference.
I live in Southern Cali so between the dry winters and the warm dry summers, I am always fighting to keep my lips from peeling and healthy. My new found weapon is avocado oil! I apply every morning before lip gloss and evening before bed. I bought this from Thrive Market but it is also available on Amazon.

And there you have it. A simple way to look more polished while still maintaining a natural look.

Let me know if  this works for you or if you have any other tips and tricks that work well for you!