I work in a pretty conservative industry and at a corporate headquarters, but I have a number of bold fashion forward artists in my friend circle that are always tempting me to push against the grain that annoys me oh so very much.

I have failed at adding a blonde streak many times and eventually gave up on it out of fear of damaging my fine locs. But I still wanted a dash of color occasionally. I stumbled upon It's My Raye Raye's gorgeous purple hair on her Instagram account and was hooked when I discovered it was temporary. Temporary hair color is a great option because allows me to go all out during the weekend and rinse out Sunday night before the work week.

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So I went on ahead and ordered two cans of Jerome Russell B wild hair color in Pink & Purple from Amazon, I was also able to find at my local Target later on.

Pink and Purple Hair Color Spray

After watching Raye Boyce's how-to video, I came up with my own sisterlocks friendly method. I've done it two ways, one covering most of my hair (similar to Raye's video) and another way with simple accent streaks.
So easy.

I achieved the look below by spray my hair all over with purple and adding pink for highlights:
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Another day I was short on time and needed something simpler to wash out with just as much wow factor, so I went with a pink streak:

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It was just as fun! The color lasts a few days but be careful about your pillow cases. It may transfer.
To wash out
Thrive Market
  • Use a clarifying shampoo, I used Avalon Organics thickening shampoo that came (at a great discount) in my last Thrive Market order
  • Build up a good lather and use friction to remove the color from the crevices
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water
  • Repeat at least one more time or move if you were heavy handed with the spray color