6. This messy high bun I put my hair in before bed and lazily leave up and wear to work for sometimes 5 days straight. I must stop this and I must either find time to maintenance my hair or find a hair dresser. Hair neglect is not prosperity, even when I manage to make it seem half way cute.

5.  Neglecting my romantic relationship. I'm focused man. I mean it, I am really focused! When you are as focused as I can be, I have just enough time for my day job, my mothering duties, and maybe helping one friend with a '"life crisis". Who suffers through all this superwoman living, BAE! That's not cool, that's not prosperity.

4. Shopping for things I don't need. I mean, have you ever seen a shirt and bought it on a whim, wore once and hated it. Like after washing and wearing it, you realize it actually does not compliment you or it looks exactly like 3 other shirts you own and never wear? Is that just me making this horrible mistake? How can a girl payoff bills and build wealth participating is such foolishness?!

3. Bored and/or absent minded eating. I'm kind of a health nut, so I stay loaded with healthy snacks and fruits, but I am an overeater. I will eat like 3 apples, 2 pears, a bag of nuts, some rice cakes and my lunch at my desk. I realized recently this was due to my Haitian roots. In Haiti, if you yawn, you are considered hungry and folks immediately offer/force feed you food. Now as an adult, I am subconsciously trained that when I feel fatigued or bored, I must eat!

2. Going to bed at 3 AM and/or getting less than 7 hours of sleep. Sleep is prosperity. It can help with stress, give your mind a reset to get your creative juices going, and help with mental health.

1. Procrastination. I need stop putting off tasks until the last minute. I need to make a plan to assign multiple 25-minute intervals completing variety of different to-do items