October was a month of action, change and inspiration. I left an organization that moved me across the country to California and challenged me in countless way over the past three years. We bought a car. Settled a bit more into our little home. Celebrated an anniversary and traveled for that anniversary. 

Some of that travel included South Florida for Blogalicious, a vibrant online community and annual conference that elevates women multicultural social media influencers, creatives and entrepreneurs. I went to my first Blogalicious 7 years ago and so much has changed for me in that time. My tribe has changed. My goals have shifted. My life expanded. Going this time I was able to glean a who new set of things to be inspired by and I engaged with people differently.

Conferences like Blogalicious are important, they give you perspective and inspiration. Its important to be able to appreciate their lane while staying in yours. I don't envy or want their story or version of success. But there is power in their stories and being in a room of women who are passionate and willing to support other women. I will definitely be more intentional about going to conferences where I can experience the magic that is genuine community.