I almost always shower at night and an added benefit, other than going to bed without the day's dirt lingering on my skin and helping me to relax, is some of the steam gets to penetrate my locs and add a bit of needed moisture before bed. This is important because if you don't have a satin pillow case or wear a satin scarf, your sheets and pillow cases are very well stripping your hair of much needed natural oils and moisture and even leaving behind lint.

So let's talk loc nighttime routines. You should be doing something a few nights a week to help keep your locs moisturized, which will help prevent damage and breakage.

Steam Please

If you shower at night, don't use a shower cap. Put your hair up and let some of the steam penetrate your locs.

DIY Moisture Spray

If you don't take a hot shower at night or if you have regular issues with dry locs, consider praying on a water-based moisturizer.

My favorite hair moisturizing duo for locs is either the rosewater spray or you can make a powerful DIY loc spray from aloe vera juice and a mix of oils great for hair (I like to use a couple of drops of  avocado, lavender, rosemary oil). Also, burdock root and nettle brewed in distilled water is a great addition. See recipe/instructions below:

Spray can be used as needed on mature locs. For locs still in their infancy, exclude oil (or only a few drops) and minimize use to when you hair is very dry.

Keep scrolling for a simplified version of the aloe loc spray by Valerie, who has a great instagram and youtube channel for her traditional locs.

Please note: There is quite a bit of misinformation about oils and locs. Oil do not moisturize your locs, black hair care experts are now clarifying that there is no such thing as a “moisturizing hair oil”.  To add moisture to your locs, you need a water based mix. Even for my skin, I use my skin oils after spraying with a water-based herbal spray or immediately after washing, while skin is still wet. So either first you apply a water-based moisturizer and then apply an emollient oil (emollient means retains moisture) or mix a bit of water-base moisturizer with a couple drops of oil.


Wear a Satin bonnet, satin lined cap or use a satin pillow. Cotton pillowcases and sheets are one of the biggest contributors to dryness and lint. The use of satin head coverings or pillows will help.

This bedtime routine mixed with a solid regular loc care routine, a healthy diet, and appropriate water intake will keep your locs healthy for years to come.